Saturday, May 2, 2009

MALT New Artists Dinner

This past Tuesday evening... Krystal Allen - Kristen Garneau - Davis Perkins and Richard Lindenberg, the four MALT "Ranches & Rolling Hills" artists that were inducted for the 2009 show, met for dinner.  The purpose of the gathering was to forge a bond to carry forward into this years show and the future.

We asked each other such questions as "Are your paintings finished yet?", "how many paintings were you showing?", "How was you first experience of painting for MALT?", and even "What are you wearing at the opening?".  We had some wine, some laughs and some art conversation. 

There are only two more weeks until the show and we are all very excited and honored to be part of this years event that takes place on May 16 (2-5pm) and May 17 (10-4pm) and is free to the public.