Tuesday, November 3, 2009

California Art Club Painting Retreat at Limantour Beach

Friday Oct. 30, 2009 finally arrived and the California Art Club Limantour Painting Retreat had begun.Fourty artists gathering at the Pt. Reyes Hostel for two nights and three days of painting, eating, conversation and fun. After four months of preparation, people drove up from San Diego, L.A., San Luis Obispo and from all around the San Francisco Bay area.

Three days prior to the weekend all the weather channels were predicting showers, but it turned out to be spectacular fall weather with totally sunny skies during the days and a small amount of shore fog in the mornings. It was absolutely glorious each day.

After a day of painting on Friday, Christin and I checked in and gathered for a pot-luck dinner with the others. Everyone provided an enormous amount of food. We drank (moderately) and engaged in group conversations with stories, laughter and good cheer. It was great to meet some new people and learn more about the lives of other serious artists. Turning in for the night proved to be a bit of a challenge with the women in two dorm rooms with 5 bunk beds each and the men in an out building dorm also with two rooms and 5 bunk beds. Naturally, everyone wanted a lower bunk, but it all seemed to work out. In the morning I heard some horror stories of loud snoring in one of the womens dorms, but not a big problem in the men’s area.

Saturday morning began with a Bagel, Salmon and cream cheese breakfast before heading out. We all stood around the kitchen area toasting bagels, making coffee and sharing areas to paint for the day.Some went to Pierce Point Ranch, some to Drake’s beach, some to Tomales Bay and we all scattered and followed our instincts. Returning home later, we again shared a Barbeque dinner with more good cheer and stories. Another beautiful day in paradise. After dinner, about 15 of us took a 3 mile Halloween night MoonWalk out to the beach without need of any flashlights. Saw a low flying owl, a glistening ocean and glowing trees with eerie shadows that could be hiding all sorts of night creatures.

Sunday morning we ate breakfast and then we all set out our paintings on the outdoor picnic tables so we could experience the various styles and techniques. It brought us closer once again to see each others work. Sennelier Artist Oils graciously provided two sets of Oil Paints for the winners of the random drawing. We checked out at 10am and said our goodbyes. Local artists scattered about and painted on Sunday too.

I don’t know how everyone felt about the paintings they produced over the weekend, but I do know that such events hold a special place in each of our heats and will be a memory that lasts in our history as artists. We’ll surely plan another one again soon.

Note: This event came about as a result of the combined efforts to bring more CAC events to the Northern part of our state. Our local chapter, headed up by Michelle Jader and Kay Young, has been working closely with the CAC Executive Director Elain Adams, Managing Director Lisa Cavelier along with a chapter volunteer steering committee. I was very happy to have administered this event on their behalf. If you're not already a CAC member, you too can join...http://www.californiaartclub.org/home/join.shtml

Photos and Movie Below:

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Plein Air Poetry - Introduced at SLO Plein Air Festival

At the recent San Luis Obispo Plein Air Festival... I was introduced to "Plein Air Poetry".  It is a common form of poetry where the author experiences something while outside and jots down the poem. The name originated at the SLO Poetry Festival.

One night, Kevin Patrick Sullivan (an exuberant man and producer of the SLO Poetry Festival)  hosted a group of local poets that read some of thier creations at the Art Center to a crowd of painters and poets.  In fact... two of the poets tagged along with two of the painters at the event and wrote about their experience. Poet Paula Lowe gave me a gift of her groups book "Poems for Endangered Places" and Kevin gave me "The Space Between Things". I was so moved by the work and their generosity that it inspired me to create my own poems that come from my personal painting experiences.  Here is my first work titled "Morning at Pelican Point".  There are sure to be more.

"Morning at Pelican Point"

Sun backlights
this enormous remnant
of coastline past,
while the pelicans sleep 
camouflaged on its
sharp decline to the sea.

Part shade
part sun
sometimes fog

The iconic monolith watches
blue horizon
creamy dunes
the long intruding pier
and amazing birds...

just as it does every day.

Associated Painting:  Pelican Point - Pismo Beach
copyright 2009 - Richard Lindenberg

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

NORTH TAHOE PLEIN AIR - a week in heaven

A week at Lake Tahoe, when the tourists are gone, is food for the soul.  Christin and I just returned from the week long North Tahoe Plein Air event.  There were 38 artists who spent three days painting the lake and its surroundings for the show on Saturday and Sunday at Northstar Village.  The daytime weather was perfect with bright sunny skies and cool shade which made for a painter's dream. 

We were the guests of Lois and Andy Skaff for the week who are also the organizers of the event which was put on in association with North Tahoe Arts and the 24th annual Autumn Food and Wine Festival. Each day we ventured out to different locations that Andy and others recommended.  Emerald Bay, Blackwood Canyon, the Truckee River and the Lake shores itself.  Simply endless beauty to paint.

Paul Kratter, Zee Zee Mott and Craig Mitchell were the judges for the event.  I was fortunate to have won the coveted "Artist's Choice" award (image below) and Andrew Bolam won "Best of Show". Andy Skaff, Carole Gray-Weihman, Randall Stauss and Bonita Paulis won the other awards.  Sennelier Artist Oils provided several of the winner prizes. Many of the unsold paintings from the event are for sale at North Tahoe Arts, 380 North lake Blvd., Tahoe City until October 18th.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"WEST MARIN WILD" - Art Show at Pt. Reyes Ntl. Seashore Red Barn

Every two years, the Environmental Action Committee of West Marin (EAC) organizes the "West Marin Wild" art show and sale on Labor Day Weekend at the Pt. Reyes Visitor Center Red Barn.  It's a fundraiser for their non-profit organization that is a tenacious grassroots group founded in 1971 to protect West Marin's natural environment and rural character.

This year's show was a huge success with 38 artists exhibiting more than 160 pieces.  More than 50% of the artwork sold and their sales topped the previous high of two years ago.  Quite a testament in this struggling economy.  

Christin and I helped greet the visitors during the 3 day event and we were pleased to have had 9 of our paintings find new homes.  Sherrie Stanton and Jane Kriss, along with the other volunteers did a magnificent job organizing everything and we were so pleased to be part of the show once again.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Artist's in the Back Country - Sierra National Park

Christin and I have recently returned from our summer vacation.  We took Artie (our RV) on a road trip for ten days.  First to Tuolumne Meadows for 4 days of painting and hiking.  We drove next to Sequoia National Park where we were part of an invited group called "Artist's in the Back Country" that was assembled by the Sequoia Parks Foundation for the purpose of gathering painters, poets, photographers, scientists and other creative people to produce images, poems and prose about the place and the experience.

Tuolumene Meadows is one of my favorite spots on earth.  It has high mountain air, clear nights, a beautiful river, extraordinary hiking trails, privacy and spectacular mountain scenery.  What more could a painter ask for.  Each day we did a morning painting, came back to Artie for lunch and rest, then out to the river or meadow to paint the late day until sundown.  


We left Yosemite's high country and drove to Sequoia National Park.  We congregated at a Boy Scouts of America Camp with 3 other painters Paul Kratter, Bill Cone and Jeff Horn - a poet... Bill Keener, a writer/photographer... David Robertson, a photographer... Bob Watters, the former Chief Park Ranger at Sequoia... Bill Tweed, our organizer, former park ranger, photographer and development head of UC Merced... Armando Quintero, Laurie Hoyle... SPF board member and three chefs... Anna Lisa, Tya and Sally... our camp host... Margie and various other guests dropping in for a visit during the trip.  This was the 4th year of the ABC trip.  It's purpose is to gather distinguished creative people together for a future promotional project that was yet to be determined.  The idea came from the old days of pioneering the area where photographers, painters, preservationists and like minded people documented the Sierras and petitioned congressional leaders to establish a National Park system.  We were honored to be part of the group.  Conversations ranged from sensitive artistic discoveries, to political assesments of our government's agenda to simple humor.  What a wonderful bunch of people.  We ate and drank like royalty.  I know we have made new friends that surely will pop up in our lives from time to time.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Week at the Frank Bette Alameda Plein Air Paint-Out

Last week I spent five days painting on the island of Alameda which borders Oakland, CA.  It was the 4th annual event and is the primary fundraiser for the Frank Bette Art Center.  Debra Owens, the director of the center coordinated a fantastic week for the artists.  

Alameda is an extraordinary place with hundreds of old restored Victorian houses, an old Navy Air Field with many colorful old buildings, sail and power boats galore, a large beach overlooking San Francisco and interesting downtown shopping districts.

During my stay there I was hosted by Dr. Laurie Chaikin on her incredible 47ft Catamaran Yacht the Charleete II. Each day there were organized events for the artists.  We had an opening day artists party with sushi and assorted other goodies, portrait sessions, garden set-ups, house paintings and more.  One of the more memorable events for me was held at the Rock Wall Winery which occupies a huge old aircraft hangar at the now defunct Alameda Naval Air Station.  They hosted some artists with glasses of their fine wines while I painted from inside the hangar through the gigantic 8ft thick hangar doors that they opened for the occasion to reveal a sunset view across the bay to San Francisco.

Silvio Silvestri won Best of Show and the other award winners were equally terrific.  We couldn't have had nicer weather and the results were spectacular.

Friday, June 26, 2009

CAC Painting Retreat at Limantour Beach set for October

The Northern California chapter of the California Art Club has planned a fantastic event for this fall! We can paint, eat and laugh together at the CAC Painting Retreat from Friday, October 30 through Sunday, November 1

Accommodations will be at the Point Reyes Hostel at Limantour Beach in Point Reyes National Seashore. The cost is nominal and it will be gorgeous out there at that time of the year. Plan to paint all day with each other, moonlight hike, barbecue and hang in the comfy living room!

Some members have stayed at the hostel before and it is a "bunk-bed kind of place" with a full kitchen, living room area, outside picnic area and dorm room bunkhouses with showers and bathrooms. Though it is not fancy, it is an amazing place to have a painting retreat. 

There is space for a minimum of 20 CAC members and up to 40 total (ghosts & vampires o.k.). Space is limited, on a first-come/first-reserved basis, so please reserve a spot right away! For more information, email me at richlindenberg@gmail.com.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

CAC Paintout at Cavallo Point Lodge

Yesterday was one of those perfect days by the San Francisco Bay.  It was time once again to gather the Northern California members of the California Art Club for their quarterly chapter paint-out.  

This time we met at the absolutely beautiful Cavallo Point Lodge where Rochelle Bernet (program manager) greeted us at one of their posh outdoor seating areas. Kay and Michelle, our CAC organizers served coffee and bagels as we basked in the sun and gazed at the bridge with a slight wisp of fog overhead.  Rochelle then gave us a personal tour of the converted former Fort Baker site on one of their six seater carts.  The views there are spectacular with some of the most iconic of the City, SF Bay and the Golden Gate.

Christin and I painted from seperate locations on the grounds but returned a couple of hours later to the outdoor seating area to relax and marvel once again.  We were even treated to a glass of Cabernet by some young couples gathered at the same spot with their young kids.  Life couldn't be any better. Christin had a gallery opening at Holton Studios in Emeryville from 4 to 7 pm, so sadly we had to leave a bit early while the other artists continued painting from their scattered locations.  A few of the painters took advantage of the adirondack chairs that were strategically placed on the fescue meadows. (see photo)  

What a great thing to be part of a historic club like the CAC and to have access to these kinds of situations with other artists.  My hope is that other events and gatherings in our northern part of the state will take place more often.

Friday, May 22, 2009

California Art Club - San Francisco Chapter Growth

Elaine Adams, Executive Director of the 100 year old California Art Club, came up to the bay area yesterday with Lisa Cavelier the Managing Director.  Their purpose was to discuss how the CAC could help with the growth and development of the SF chapter. Several bay area members met with them at The South Food & Wine Bar for a mixer and discussion of future goals.  

In attendance were Eric Rhoads (publisher of Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine) and Chapter Chairs Michelle Jader and Kay Young.  Artists and members Christin Coy, Richard Lindenberg, Kim Lordier, Krystal Allen, Pam Powell, Chris Adessa and Carolyn Lord also participated.

Clearly the Bay Area is an enormous potential resource for the CAC.  Many of the Artist members and Associate members of the influential club live in the northern part of the State, but most of the activities, exhibits and gatherings take place in and around Pasadena in the South.  As a result of a recent grant for the purpose of chapter development, the club can contribute more of their time and resources to aid in the SF chapters growth.  Much excitement was generated by the gathering and there will be great things to come soon to the Bay Area. On June 6th, the SF chapter will hold their quarterly paint-out at Cavallo Point Lodge, just below the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of the California Art Club or for further information on the quarterly paint-out, please follow this link to their site.   www.californiaartclub.org

Sunday, May 10, 2009

MALT - an artist's journal continued

All of my paintings for this weekends "Ranches & Rolling Hills" show have been completed, titled, photographed and signed. My job is done now! Tomorrow the paintings will be delivered to the capable hands of Elisabeth Ptak and Cindy Jordan at the MALT offices where the next phase of the event continues.   Elisabeth and Cindy have had multiple responsibilities to coordinate over the past months and weeks that will come to an exciting finish this weekend.

For me, there is the Friday night MALT reception to enjoy, the Collector's brunch Saturday and the opening for the general public on Saturday and Sunday.  Having been a show admirer over the years, it should prove to be quite a different experience as a participating artist.

One of my goals since becoming a Marin painter has been to become a part of this show... now that it has happened, I am just thrilled and look forward to seeing each and every one of you there.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

MALT New Artists Dinner

This past Tuesday evening... Krystal Allen - Kristen Garneau - Davis Perkins and Richard Lindenberg, the four MALT "Ranches & Rolling Hills" artists that were inducted for the 2009 show, met for dinner.  The purpose of the gathering was to forge a bond to carry forward into this years show and the future.

We asked each other such questions as "Are your paintings finished yet?", "how many paintings were you showing?", "How was you first experience of painting for MALT?", and even "What are you wearing at the opening?".  We had some wine, some laughs and some art conversation. 

There are only two more weeks until the show and we are all very excited and honored to be part of this years event that takes place on May 16 (2-5pm) and May 17 (10-4pm) and is free to the public. 

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Travels with "ARTIE"

For the past few years, it was my dream to be able to travel further on painting trips and see more of our beautiful state and country. It seemed as though retirement was the logical time to consider adventuring out like this... but then one day I thought "why not now"?  

Suddenly this simple thought set into motion a series of events.  I started looking seriously on Craigslist in the RV section.  For more than a year became familiar with the types of vehicles and the prices by scouting on a regular basis.  Since my price range was in the lower echelon, we looked at some real clunkers until one day January of 2009 we came across a vehicle that was made in 1989 but only had 13,000 miles.  That day we set up a meeting and by nightfall it was ours. I guess it's true that having a goal can help one focus on achieving success.  

We named him ARTIE because he was our artmobile.  He needed the roof sealed, new tires, a new stereo (of course), but basically he only needed a cleaning. 

We planned our first trip in late January and headed to the Mendocino, Ft.Bragg area.  It was a beautiful week and we painted some real winners.  Artie performed admirably.  After a couple of weeks at home, we headed out again for a longer trip to Southern California to see the William Wendt show at the Laguna Beach Museum of Art and then due east to Arizona. It was a magical two week trip and we have thousands of photos and some paintings too.  We even connected with the Windrush Gallery in Sedona, AZ that now represents both of our work.

We now have a new dimension added to our lives... just because of a dream to travel more.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Winters "Paint the Town" - An unexpected joy!

At the beginning of April, I drove my RV (Artie) up to Winters, CA to take part in a plein air event that was sponsored by Briggs & Co. It was an unexpected joy to have seen this pristine historical farming area and to be welcomed so warmly by the kindhearted people.

The painting event was for seven days, with a reception on the following Saturday night. Since Winters is only an hour from my home, I decided to paint for the full week. This gave me a chance to settle in to the area and really explore a new region. 

The area sits just east of Lake Berryessa in Solano County. On the west were the rather large Vaca Mountains which lit up blue each night at dusk. Expansive plowed fields, all kinds of barns and farm equipment, as well as flowering orchards with prunes, almonds, walnuts, peaches, apricots and other varieties were everywhere. Putah Creek meanders through town and into the hills... it's a rather large creek in many areas with easy access. Solano Lake sits in the heart of the area and is not only gorgeous at dusk, but provides a sanctuary for birds, fish and kayakers. Steady Eddy's coffee house seemed to be the gathering point for everyone... Bicycle riders from Davis, townspeople and visitors alike. At some point each day during my stay I made a stop to check emails and have a brew.   

Shaunie Briggs was the energetic promoter of the event along with the aid of her wonderful family.  She provided us with some wonderful backyard meals and her gallery walls were cleared out for event so more than 100 paintings created by approximately 60 artists could be displayed. The show produced some extraordinary artwork and it was simply a pleasure to have taken part. Rick Purvis and Mary Kay Korn kindly provided a parking spot at their home and occasional showers. For sure next year "Paint the Town" will be on my calendar.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

MALT - an artist's journal


It was an honor to have been been selected this year as one of four new MALT artists.  At first my acceptance filled me with joy, but since then I have discovered that there are really a list of considerations that accompany the honor.  Here are my reflections thus far.

I have decided to paint anywhere from 10-12 paintings of which an appropriate number of the best will be chosen for the event. It is suggested that all paintings should be rendered in and of Marin County with subject matter that relates to the ranches and rolling hills of the area.  Special relevance is given to MALT properties. Taking this in to account, there is always an abundance of subject matter in West Marin.   Christin Coy and I have made many day trips in search of inspiration.  Now, with only a month left before the show, deadlines are approaching.  I have completed eight paintings.

Being a newcomer to the MALT artist family... I feel a responsibility to produce my very best work.  What type of subjects should I paint?...  barns, open fields, trees, water, animals or all of the above.  Clear choices sometimes present themselves, but often it is simply my desire that makes things work.  I usually don't plan where I am going, unless I need to make an appointment with a rancher to access their properties, but just driving west in the late day opens up the vistas.  

Painting mostly en Plein Air, another set of variables are put into play.  What should I wear if it's cold, did I pack all my supplies, do I have enough in the fridge for lunch preparations, gas in the car, does the weather permit outdoor painting, are the wildflowers blooming?  What an exhilarating experience it can be.

As the days pass and the events approach, I'm sure it will produce a new range of emotions for me.  I'll write about them soon.

Monday, April 13, 2009

MALT - Ranches & Rolling Hills Show Coming in May

Ranches & Rolling Hills, an annual sale of western Marin County landscape art to benefit Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT), will take place on Saturday, May 16, and Sunday, May 17, 2009, at the Druid’s Hall on the Village Square in Nicasio, California. 


The show features more than 250 images of natural and working landscapes, including many of the family farms that have been permanently protected by MALT. The work of 40 outstanding artists is included in this significant West Coast exhibit.  


Ranches & Rolling Hills art also depicts other private farmlands as well as historic landscapes located within Point Reyes National Seashore—all of them reflecting the human and natural history that make West Marin such a special and beloved place.  


Ranches & Rolling Hills was celebrated in a 2008 book of the same name which showcases the art and provides a historical record of protected farmland in Marin. The book can be purchased at Bay Area bookstores or at www.malt.org.  


Curator Michael Whitt of Point Reyes Station co-founded Ranches & Rolling Hills in 1998, along with the late Ray Strong, dean of Santa Barbara's highly respected Oak Group of painters.   


Artists participating in the 2009 show include Marin painters Martha Borge, Christin Coy, Willard Dixon, Timothy Horn, Susan Hall, Richard Lindenberg, Wendy Schwartz, and Zee Zee Mott, along with Santa Barbara artists Arturo Tello, Sarah Vedder, Meredith Brooks Abbott, Whitney Brooks Abbott, Ward Walkup, and other members of the OakGroup. Marin County lithographs by Russell Chatham also will be available for purchase. 


Proceeds from art and book sales benefit MALT’s farmland preservation program, which provides a conservation alternative to the sale or subdivision of Marin farmland. Some of the Bay Area's most highly acclaimed dairy products and organic crops, including Cowgirl Creamery cheeses, Straus Family Creamery dairy products, and Point Reyes Original Blue Cheese are produced from farmland protected by MALT conservation easements.   


The Ranches & Rolling Hills Landscape Art Show and Sale is open to the public at no charge from 2–5 P.M. on Saturday, May 16, and from 10 A.M.–4 P.M. on Sunday, May 17. For information, visit www.malt.org or phone 415-663-1158.