Sunday, June 7, 2009

CAC Paintout at Cavallo Point Lodge

Yesterday was one of those perfect days by the San Francisco Bay.  It was time once again to gather the Northern California members of the California Art Club for their quarterly chapter paint-out.  

This time we met at the absolutely beautiful Cavallo Point Lodge where Rochelle Bernet (program manager) greeted us at one of their posh outdoor seating areas. Kay and Michelle, our CAC organizers served coffee and bagels as we basked in the sun and gazed at the bridge with a slight wisp of fog overhead.  Rochelle then gave us a personal tour of the converted former Fort Baker site on one of their six seater carts.  The views there are spectacular with some of the most iconic of the City, SF Bay and the Golden Gate.

Christin and I painted from seperate locations on the grounds but returned a couple of hours later to the outdoor seating area to relax and marvel once again.  We were even treated to a glass of Cabernet by some young couples gathered at the same spot with their young kids.  Life couldn't be any better. Christin had a gallery opening at Holton Studios in Emeryville from 4 to 7 pm, so sadly we had to leave a bit early while the other artists continued painting from their scattered locations.  A few of the painters took advantage of the adirondack chairs that were strategically placed on the fescue meadows. (see photo)  

What a great thing to be part of a historic club like the CAC and to have access to these kinds of situations with other artists.  My hope is that other events and gatherings in our northern part of the state will take place more often.