Sunday, May 10, 2009

MALT - an artist's journal continued

All of my paintings for this weekends "Ranches & Rolling Hills" show have been completed, titled, photographed and signed. My job is done now! Tomorrow the paintings will be delivered to the capable hands of Elisabeth Ptak and Cindy Jordan at the MALT offices where the next phase of the event continues.   Elisabeth and Cindy have had multiple responsibilities to coordinate over the past months and weeks that will come to an exciting finish this weekend.

For me, there is the Friday night MALT reception to enjoy, the Collector's brunch Saturday and the opening for the general public on Saturday and Sunday.  Having been a show admirer over the years, it should prove to be quite a different experience as a participating artist.

One of my goals since becoming a Marin painter has been to become a part of this show... now that it has happened, I am just thrilled and look forward to seeing each and every one of you there.

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Sharon Weaver said...

Love the painting of the trees on the hill. Beautiful greens.