Wednesday, April 15, 2009

MALT - an artist's journal


It was an honor to have been been selected this year as one of four new MALT artists.  At first my acceptance filled me with joy, but since then I have discovered that there are really a list of considerations that accompany the honor.  Here are my reflections thus far.

I have decided to paint anywhere from 10-12 paintings of which an appropriate number of the best will be chosen for the event. It is suggested that all paintings should be rendered in and of Marin County with subject matter that relates to the ranches and rolling hills of the area.  Special relevance is given to MALT properties. Taking this in to account, there is always an abundance of subject matter in West Marin.   Christin Coy and I have made many day trips in search of inspiration.  Now, with only a month left before the show, deadlines are approaching.  I have completed eight paintings.

Being a newcomer to the MALT artist family... I feel a responsibility to produce my very best work.  What type of subjects should I paint?...  barns, open fields, trees, water, animals or all of the above.  Clear choices sometimes present themselves, but often it is simply my desire that makes things work.  I usually don't plan where I am going, unless I need to make an appointment with a rancher to access their properties, but just driving west in the late day opens up the vistas.  

Painting mostly en Plein Air, another set of variables are put into play.  What should I wear if it's cold, did I pack all my supplies, do I have enough in the fridge for lunch preparations, gas in the car, does the weather permit outdoor painting, are the wildflowers blooming?  What an exhilarating experience it can be.

As the days pass and the events approach, I'm sure it will produce a new range of emotions for me.  I'll write about them soon.

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