Friday, April 17, 2009

Winters "Paint the Town" - An unexpected joy!

At the beginning of April, I drove my RV (Artie) up to Winters, CA to take part in a plein air event that was sponsored by Briggs & Co. It was an unexpected joy to have seen this pristine historical farming area and to be welcomed so warmly by the kindhearted people.

The painting event was for seven days, with a reception on the following Saturday night. Since Winters is only an hour from my home, I decided to paint for the full week. This gave me a chance to settle in to the area and really explore a new region. 

The area sits just east of Lake Berryessa in Solano County. On the west were the rather large Vaca Mountains which lit up blue each night at dusk. Expansive plowed fields, all kinds of barns and farm equipment, as well as flowering orchards with prunes, almonds, walnuts, peaches, apricots and other varieties were everywhere. Putah Creek meanders through town and into the hills... it's a rather large creek in many areas with easy access. Solano Lake sits in the heart of the area and is not only gorgeous at dusk, but provides a sanctuary for birds, fish and kayakers. Steady Eddy's coffee house seemed to be the gathering point for everyone... Bicycle riders from Davis, townspeople and visitors alike. At some point each day during my stay I made a stop to check emails and have a brew.   

Shaunie Briggs was the energetic promoter of the event along with the aid of her wonderful family.  She provided us with some wonderful backyard meals and her gallery walls were cleared out for event so more than 100 paintings created by approximately 60 artists could be displayed. The show produced some extraordinary artwork and it was simply a pleasure to have taken part. Rick Purvis and Mary Kay Korn kindly provided a parking spot at their home and occasional showers. For sure next year "Paint the Town" will be on my calendar.


Janette Jones, Studio California said...

Hi Richard,
I met you and Christin at the Napa Valley Art Festival last August...I was an new exhibitor and you both were so gracious and kind. You came up when I googled the Winters Paint the Town. I am going to be over for the paint out for a week, if you want to meet up and paint let me know. I lived in Winters for fifteen years...many happy memories raising the kids there and lots and lots of beauty to paint. I am trying to line up some access to private ranches of people I's a little last minute but I had fun last year.
I am Janette Jones at or

Janette Jones, Studio California said...

LOVE your work BTW!