Monday, April 26, 2010

CAC Artists Paint Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo Sites

As part of their 100 year Centenial Celebration... The California Art Club joined with the Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo by inviting Artist members to capture the stunning landscapes of San Luis Obispo County featuring ecological preserves and privately-owned conservation properties that the Land Conservancy has played a role in protecting.

It took place during the week of April 18-23, 2010. The first day at Dana Adobe was 70 degrees and beautiful. Elaine and Peter Adams joined the others as we painted the Mustard covered hills and surrounding trees. Christin and I had not met many of the Southern California painters before, so it was nice to sit in the shade and lunch on the site while we painted.

Predictions of foul weather came true for the next few days so only the brave actually painted on Tuesday with very high winds. On Wednesday we drove down to Nipomo and were escorted to the Black Lake Ecological area. Surrounded by sand dunes to the west, it had an enormous eucalyptus circle grove with an adjacent lake. First it rained while we hiked with our gear, then the winds picked up and reached 40 mph gusts. Not the most ideal conditions for painting, but an experience only an outdoor painter would appreciate.

Rain and clouds once again on Thursday morning at the Octagon Barn, so Marcia Burtt invited some of us back to her ranch east of Nipomo. Four miles off the highway, their property sits on a sprawling california grazing plateau nestled between shale cliffs and rolling hills covered in oaks. Still raining, I painted under the buildings protected carport while others used the southern patio to face the valley vista. Beautifully tended native gardens surrounded her home and color was everywhere. What a nice woman.

There will be a show of the paintings at the CAC Old Mill Gallery in San Marino from October thru December and then a show in January 2011 at the San Luis Obispo Art Center (Museum).


Marian Fortunati said...

It sounded like such a wonderful opportunity for artists.
I'm sorry that the weather made it so difficult for everyone...

Hope several got good paintings.

Colleen Proppé said...

I love this photo of Christin in her raincoat. So glad you two are together and painting. Keep up the good work.