Thursday, April 29, 2010

Painting for MALT - Magic Can Sometimes Happen

MALT's "Ranches & Rolling Hills" Art Show is unique to the world of Art Fundraisers. As one of the family of artists who participate each year, it's an honor to be associated. I spend an enormous amount of time and energy focused on producing thematic work of the highest quality. As a by-product of this focus and dedication... sometimes the alchemy of challenges contribute to the magic of a special creation that prompts me to say to myself, "How did I do that".

I'm not sure everyone can grasp what I mean by this surprise, but I'll try to explain. As an artist, we put ourselves out there with our best work for the public to view and encounter all sorts of challenges along the way. We stand in muddy pastures, often get rained out, drive on roads that can split a drive shaft in half, log countless hours scouring the countryside, visit some smelly ranches and some pristine ones too, then either paint on-site or in the studio to hopefully complete a set of unique work for the show. The process makes you grounded to the earth that we are looking to paint and exposes you to beauty that can put a tear in your eye. The main challenge for an artist like myself is to communicate this beauty to someone else who wasn't there. As I said before, the magic sometimes happens.

Come to the Druid's Hall in Nicasio on May 15 and 16th to see the work of more than 40 artists who have all worked hard to bring this unique show to you once again. For more information go to: MALT INFO

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